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Box Blades For Compact Tractors

Many small compact tractors have a category I 3 point hitch that is capable of connecting a box blade to move material and spread it out over a distance. You can control grade for drainage or level fields for farming or playing, no matter how you need to reshape your landscape, a box blade is what you need.

Land Shark box blades are US made box blades that ship direct from the manufacturer to you, no middle man, no distributor, no dealer. You will receive top of the line quality box blade that will serve you faithfully on your tractor for years to come. We pride ourselves on building the best attachments possible, and delivering it straight to you so you can get to work.

Call or order today and give Land Shark a try!

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Compact Tractor Box Blades by Land Shark Subcompact Tractor Box Blades by Land Shark Tractor Scarifier Bar
Land Shark Compact Tractor Box Blades are built to get the job done without breaking the bank.
Land Shark Subcompact Tractor Box Blades are built for category 0 & 1 hitch tractors For ripping dirt with our without another attachment connected. Turn your 3 point hitch in to a ripper, for faster landscaping add another attachment for 2 jobs done during a single pass. Free shipping within 1,000 miles! Prices starting at $755.00