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Land Shark 60 Inch Subcompact Tractor Landscape Rake
Land Shark 60” Subcompact Tractor Landscape Rake
Land Shark 60in Compact Landscape Rake

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Land Shark 60” Subcompact Tractor Landscape Rake

Our new light weight 60" Land Shark landscape rake is designed for subcompact tractors and built to last. Affordable and durable at the same time. These rakes are perfect for subcompact tractors and their light weight and size make them super easy to move around and get the job done.

Ask about our $40 per item discount for multiple purchases of subcompact attachments that are similar in size and weight that can be shipped at the same price.

  • 4, and 5 foot models available
  • Same proven tine bar design as our heavier models with laser cut holes to ensure uniformity and allows for proper tine movement.
  • Spring tine resist breaking and bending
  • High quality, durable Italian tines
  • Now quick hitch compatible
  • Parking Stand standard
  • Gauge wheels available
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Free shipping within 1,000 miles

Current SALE Price is to compensate 4+ week lead times!
(Discount is ONLY for items with lead times of 4 weeks or longer.)

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Ask about our $40 per item discount for multiple purchases of subcompact attachments that are similar in size and weight that can be shipped at the same price.

Item# Item Name Our Price Sale Price Qty Add
LS-LSR-60-GAUGE-WHEELS Gauge Wheels For Land Shark Subcompact Landscape Rake- Must Order With Rake
LS-LSR-60-Rake Land Shark 60 Inch Subcompact Tractor Landscape Rake
$ 595.00
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Video Transcriptions:
Hi, I'm Ted from Everything Attachments, and I'm here today with our new Landscape Rake. We introduced the rake a few weeks ago and it's come out. But we've not shown our gauge wheels. We've been really busy at the factory with all the new products that we're trying to put out. And trying to move to a new larger factory headed into spring. But we're going to get it done. Just be patient with us a little bit if you would.

But these are our new gauge wheels. We've designed them to where they'll go on two different locations on any of the size rakes. The holes are on there. They use two of the holes that the tines are actually attached with. And then another hole. Two other holes that are in front of it. We kept our rake design the same as what we've been using for the last five years because it's just been awesome.

This three-degree bend right here, it puts this tine inside a square pocket where it can't move back and forth. And it doesn't...past this three degree where it bolts solid, it gives it a place to spring. But once it gets bent back, loaded another place so it gives it just more surface area to take the load without bending your tine. Now, we've gone through a lot of trouble to get this smaller tine.

We looked at what Land Pride had. And what it appears to be is a piece of just plain coal rolled steel that's been heat treated. It's very flimsy in relation. I've felt them both. As far as the springy-ness goes and the durability, I believe there's no comparison with these Italian made tines. Which are an extruded alloy, and then heat treated like a spring. Now I think they're simply twice as good of a tine. And the way that we're connecting them is a whole lot better also.

The gauge wheels, if you wanted them to be closer together, you can do that. We've put three adjustments on each side to where you can angle your rake whichever way you'd like. We've come up with the formed front piece there to make it easy and accurate every time.

We're forming this now out of a sheet just to make it quick and easy, where we can keep the cost down for you. It is quick attach acceptable. It will also take a category zero. We don't...we try to stay out of the small tractors. But if you've got one, this will take a category zero top link pin. And you can change out your seven eighths pins there to five eighths for a category one if you wanted to.

We've gone to the round style kickstand, so you're able to put that down real easily. You can see your pin hole. And that way you can set it square here like it is now level. So you can pick it up easy if you're using the quick attach.

The gauge wheels here we've made them easy to adjust with bushings. You just put the bushing from...we've got them all the way down right now, because we didn't want to mess up the rock. But you can change a bushing from the top to the bottom as little as a quarter inch increment. And then get the adjustment that you need. To where you're basically riding on the two pins. And able to drag that level. And not let it dip in and dig.

But this is the perfect...of course this comes in a four, five, and a six foot width. Remember that when you have it angled, that takes up some of the width. So even on this little BX, I kind of recommend the five foot. And then if you had a B, I would put the six foot on it.

This has been a great piece for us. We're going to kind of come up with a combination. We've got a whole lot of these smaller attachments that we're designing right now. And we're going to start bundling them to where you can be able to get three or so at time. Be able to save a little money on freight. We're not after making money on freight. If we can save a little money, we'll pass it onto you.

So just remember that when you're ordering. If you think you want multiple things, the time to get it is at one time. So we can help you save a little bit. But we have a lot of different attachments. From scrape blades to rakes, to all kinds of things that are going to be custom made.

We've mastered the postal digger for the BX. And I've never seen anyone else including Land Pride that's now owned by Kubota. That first thing we did, we got one and tried it. And bent the top link part. Because it just doesn't exactly fit. So ours is an absolute perfect match for the postal digger, the rake. We test it in the field. We put them on our tractors. We make sure they're right.

Just call us or e-mail us at Everything Attachments. And we'll make sure you get the right attachment for your tractor.

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